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Lost Root MySql Password 13

December 31, 2004
How to recover a MySql server after you've lost the root password.

Copy Image to Floppy

October 18, 2004
Simple tips for formatting and copying an image to a floppy drive.

Change Lost Root Linux Password 2

August 23, 2004
A tutorial on how to change a lost root Linux password.

Upgrade SSH Remotely 1

August 10, 2004
A guide on how to upgrade SSH remotely while being logged in with SSH.

Setting up Linux DHCP Server with Dynamic DNS Support 4

August 8, 2004
See how to configure a Linux DHCP server to allocate IP addresses and configure clients while updating a local DNS server.

Configuring a BIND DNS Server 6

August 7, 2004
A tutorial on how to configure BIND to be a caching nameserver and also handle queries for your local intranet domain.

Enabling Quotas in Linux

July 24, 2004
Some hints on setting up disk quotas on Linux.

Optimizing NFS

July 24, 2004
A couple hints to help optimize and secure NFS.

How to Check a User Password on Linux 3

July 18, 2004
This example code will check a user password to see if is the correct password for a given user.

Broadcast a Command with SSH 2

July 18, 2004
Use ssh to broadcast a command to a list of hosts given that you've already setup ssh keys and the login is automatic.

rsync Tip to Mirror a Filesystem

July 18, 2004

File Distribution Using rsnyc

July 18, 2004
See how you can use rsync to distribute files in a Linux cluster to do such things as enable distributed accounts.

Backup Script Using tar 1

July 18, 2004
A simple backup script that performs monthly, weekly, and daily incremental backups using tar and gzip.

Understanding Linux Password Hashes

July 14, 2004

Colorado 5GB IDE Tape Drive in Linux

July 9, 2004
I installed my Colorado 5GB tape drive in one of my linux machines and had some fun learning about tape drives on Linux in the process.

Burning CDs and DVDs in Linux 1

June 12, 2004
Some go-to commands related to creating a CD or DVD with Linux.