Ditto Hunt - A Duplicate File Finder

July 15, 2017

Ditto Hunt is a tool I have needed for a long time. There are similar tools out there, but of course they attempt to be a Swiss Army Knife of file management and don't always even run on Linux. Nonetheless, I never found anything that satisfied me.

Here's my itch. I have a lot of pictures and I randomly backup my phone or cameras to my PC. Inevitably, this results in many duplicate files and weird situations where I have different images, but with the same filename. I have been managing this with a set of hacky scripts and that end up being way too manual. This is true for other sets of files, not just images.

If you've already got your python environment setup, you can install with:

pip install dittohunt

Like my last Python project, TinyCom, this was written in a weekend. It's a cross platform Python application making use of PyQt or PySide for the GUI.

Here's a screenshot of what the main window looks like.


It's a pretty simple application that's self explanatory. Select a directory and it will search for duplicate files. Then you can inspect and review which ones you want to delete. I've tested it on up to 10K duplicate files and it works like a breeze.

Now, for some geek speak. Behind the scenes this is continued testing in supporting PyQt4, PyQt5, and PySide. This includes some work on abstracting out all of those so that the application will work with any of them dynamically. It's not perfect, and frankly incomplete. I feel like there's a trick I'm missing to make this work better.

See the README for more information on installing and dependencies.

For more information, jump on over to DittoHunt on PyPi or clone the source from DittoHunt on GitHub.

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