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Grilled Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapeños

July 22, 2017
A recipe for bacon wrapped and stuffed Jalapeños.

Whole Grilled Chicken

November 18, 2016
A recipe to cook a whole chicken on your charcoal grill.

Deep Fried Turkey

November 17, 2016
How to deep fry a delicious turkey for Thanksgiving.

Bacon Wrapped Oysters

April 5, 2016
Some of the best bacon wrapped oysters you've ever had.

Homemade Popcorn You Can't Put Down

January 24, 2016
A basic popcorn recipe that should remind you of movie theater popcorn.

Chocolate Covered Bacon Recipe

January 5, 2016
Chocolate. Bacon. Lets put them together.

Something To Do With Spent Brew Grains: Dog Biscuits

January 5, 2016
If you do all grain brewing and have a dog, this is for you.

The Best Grilled Steak You Can Make

January 4, 2016
How I grill the best steak you can make with a ribeye cut.