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Netflix on Linux is Finally Here, Mostly

October 13, 2014
Netflix is now available on Linux using Google Chrome.

Sniffing I2C Traffic With a Bus Pirate 1

May 21, 2014
How to sniff Raspberry Pi I2C communications with a Bus Pirate.

Raspberry Pi I2C 256K EEPROM Tutorial

May 19, 2014
How to connect up a 24LC256 EEPROM to the Raspberry PI using the I2C bus and an already existing Linux kernel driver.

Wireless on Raspberry Pi with Buildroot 1

March 31, 2014
My wireless networking solution for the Raspberry Pi using a buildroot based rootfs.

Programming a PIC on Linux Tutorial 3

March 8, 2014
An introduction and complete tutorial to programming a 8-bit PIC16F688 Microchip PIC on Linux with inline programming and a sample program to toggle an LED.

Script to List Removable Block Devices Like USB Keys

February 19, 2014
This is a very simple script that uses sysfs to list removable block devices. This is useful for finding USB devices and the available partitions.

U401 USB IO Software

February 18, 2014
A simple command line utility to control outputs on a U401 USB IO device.

RT-AC68R Router Custom Firmware

February 17, 2014
Use Asuswrt-merlin to get some extra features the default firmware is missing.

Stop DNSMasq From Forwarding Local Hostnames 1

September 25, 2010

Mount JFFS2 Image 1

October 25, 2008
How to mount a JFFS2 image as a block device using mtdblock.

isnapshot - Incremental Backup Program

December 19, 2006
A nifty incremental snapshot program that makes backups always readily available.

Linux NFS Root and PXE-Boot 1

November 7, 2006
Separate your Linux hacking machine from the test machine with this tutorial.

Linux on HP IPAQ h1940/h1945 4

August 7, 2006
This tutorial explains the ins and outs of working with Linux on a HP IPAQ h1940/h1945.

Applying Linux Kernel Patches

July 14, 2006
Just a quick reference.

Join AVI Files in Linux 3

June 27, 2006
How to concatenate AVI files in Linux.

Ubuntu Isn't Half Bad 4

January 17, 2006

Batch Resize Image Script 5

May 11, 2005
An example script that introduces convert.

odep - Library & Object File Dependency Grapher

April 19, 2005
Generate a dot file from compiled libraries and object files to generate a dependency graph.

Slow Mouse with Linux Kernel 2.6

January 22, 2005
How to fix the slow mouse in Kernel 2.6.

rm Command Replacement Using a Trash Folder

January 10, 2005