Ubuntu Isn't Half Bad

January 17, 2006

I'm a Fedora fan. Always have been. It's a recursive reason, but a reasonable one nonetheless. I started out with RedHat 6. Back then, I constantly checked out what an install of SuSe, Debian, and Mandrake looked and felt like. Heck, even ran a couple other distros on a regular basis. I have tons of scripts, know exactly where everything is, and have a pretty detailed knowledge of how Fedora is setup. I like that it's a little open ended on package management and it's extremely easy to keep a computer on the bleeding edge of software releases. I tend to prefer a compile to package management for many applications.

Anyhow, I decided to see what all the hype was about on the Ubuntu front. The install went about like any other Linux install these days, problem free. I was a bit frustrated at how it setup accounts, but I immediately understood why. Then, I played around a bit to see just what they could fit on a single CD and found myself in the Synaptic Package Manager. I select a couple hundred packages and within 30 minutes I had xfce, kdevelop, xine, xmms, firefox, eclipse, k3b, and others installed and on my way to configuring them. They wern't bleeding edge versions, but surprisingly new with the notion the distro was debian based. After playing around on it for a few days here and there, I am astounded by the stability and ease of use. The shere number of packages they have all the way through multiverse is amazing.

This is definately a distro I would recommend to new Linux users. They have definately solved a huge problem that has plagued new Linux users from the start.

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Comment April 1, 2006 by anonymous
"They have definately solved a huge problem that has plagued new Linux users from the start." Which is
Comment April 15, 2006 by digitalpeer
The ease of browsing and installing software hassle free.
Comment April 19, 2006 by Willie Morris
Hey man, its Willie, from Lynchburg, anyways, i thought i would randomly check out digitalpeer.com...its come along way since infancy haha, hope all is going well where ever you are, im still in school for about a year until grad school....I switched to mac and started a website too, well mostly just a blog....http://web.mac.com/willie.morris
Comment February 25, 2007 by culturejam
Hey, nice that you like Ubuntu. I think it definitly rocks because it gives you the usual power of a debian system over your box without blending one with useless guis and leaving stuff out... very user friendly but still powerful. And to be honest all other Distro's copied the Debian approach in installing apps through apt-get (yum, smart, etc...) If you need a powerful sources.list for Ubuntu 6.10 edgy... check out http://www-stud.uni-due.de/~sdmajamb/index.php comes with a wget-gpg-script ... and very bleeding-edge.... cheers, culturejam