Nano .nanorc w/CPP Syntax Highlighting

February 1, 2006

Screenshot.pngNano is a very simple and easy to use console editor derived from the likes of pico. Back in the old days, the pico and pine combo was the ultimate Linux mail viewer. Nano has come a long way with features, but still has the same look and feel- simple, fast and easy. Granted, it's no emacs or vi, but it's pretty dang common and arguably easier to use for the novice. Anyhow, I've attached a .nanorc file I've been using over in the event somebody might make some updates to it or find it useful. It has a good start for C++ syntax highlighting.

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Comment April 3, 2008 by sangmtr
seems to highlight more than just C++, works fine for html as well. havent checked for others yet. good job !!
Comment October 23, 2009 by anonymous
Thank you so much for this.