Upgrade SSH Remotely

August 9, 2004, updated August 10, 2004
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There may come a time when you need to upgrade SSH remotely, while logged in remotely with SSH. You might think this poses a problem, but there's a really simple solution.

If this server is in another country I'd follow these directions very carefully.

There are a couple other ways to do this. Some people like to use a timed script that will stop the server, run make install, and then restart the service. If you ask me, that's pretty damn risky. Anything can go wrong.

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Comment 7:00am on Friday 17th April 2009 by anonymous
Another option : 1. Rename the old sshd binary 2. Modify the old sshd config to have it run on a non-standard port, and reload 3. Rename the old sshd config (so it doesn't conflict with the new one...) 4. Connect to the old sshd on the non-standard port 5. Install the new sshd via whatever method is appropriate 6. Start the new sshd on the proper port 7. Connect to the new sshd to verify that it works 8. Close the connection to the old sshd, then stop it voila.

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