Broadcast a Command with SSH

July 18, 2004

Use ssh to broadcast a command to a list of hosts given that you've already setup ssh keys and the login is automatic.

# This is a sample script to "broadcast" a command via ssh to a set of computers
# each server to distribute to
DHOSTS="host1 host2 host3";
# Loop through each server and distributes each file
for DHOST in $DHOSTS; do
	echo "Working on host $DHOST with command $1";
	ssh $DHOST $1;

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Comment May 5, 2010 by anonymous
This is not broadcast since there is no concurrency guarantee.
Comment May 6, 2014 by live chat
Yeah, Deffo not broadcast.. More of a do one, then the next etc.. I suppose you could child of the processes? We do something similar on our platform where we farm out simple commands to all servers quickly. Would be nice to have a proper broadcast method though. Any ideas?