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Example Makefile for Static Library 11

January 11, 2005
A custom makefile for a static library.

Simple STL String Tokenizer Function 12

January 10, 2005

rm Command Replacement Using a Trash Folder

January 10, 2005

Generic STL Type Conversion

January 10, 2005
Using stringstream to convert between types.

Website Link Crawler

January 10, 2005
A handy little perl script that will crawl a website and report broken links and even images.

Rudimentary Combination Generator 2

January 10, 2005

Convert to STL String 1

January 10, 2005
How to use ostringstream to take advantage of conversion to a std::string.

DIY CD Clock

January 2, 2005
Make a geeked out clock with a CD or DVD.

Lost Root MySql Password 13

December 31, 2004
How to recover a MySql server after you've lost the root password.

Alternative to Putty, XWin32, and VNC for Linux Access 1

December 28, 2004
X server and Cygwin for easy, free Windows to Linux access. Give Windows purpose.

Recursive Directory Download/Upload for Putty SFTP 8

December 28, 2004
A patch that adds mget and mput commands to Putty's SFTP client.

Using CVS Over SSH

December 2, 2004
How to use CVS over SSH.

MySql >= 4.1 Client does not support authentication protocol... 100

December 2, 2004
MySql authentication error fix.

The Real Delight

October 28, 2004

Copy Image to Floppy

October 18, 2004
Simple tips for formatting and copying an image to a floppy drive.

LCVote Internet Voting System

October 8, 2004
Details outlining a semi-secure Internet Voting software and system as created by the imaginary company OPITORP, Inc.

Filesystem Corruption Booting Windows 2000 0x24 Blue Screen 2

September 4, 2004
This describes some steps you can use to troubleshoot and possibly fix filesystem corruption on a hard drive that you can not move to another computer.

Windows 2000 Disk Larger than 128GB 11

September 4, 2004
You'll need create a registry key to get Windows 2000 to recognize a hard drive larger than 128GB.

Adaptec AR0-1130C Raid Controller Setup and Configuration

September 4, 2004
Describes the steps necessary to setup the controller and raid configuration after a failure or new install. It will also aid in configuring and setting up the controller after that.

Convert Windows 2000 BDC to PDC After PDC Failure

September 4, 2004
This explains how to recover your domain and set it back up after a primary domain controller (PDC) failure.