Windows 2000 Disk Larger than 128GB

September 4, 2004
I am going to assume your hardware supports the drive size you are using. By default, Windows 2000 does not. If your drive is larger that 128GB it will simply recognize it as a 128GB hard drive. To fix this, simply add the following registry key.

It's a DWORD registry value so just create it and set it to 1 and restart. Everything should be set.

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Comment March 26, 2007 by MichaelG
Thanks ;)
Comment February 16, 2008 by anonymous
It works, thanks!
Comment March 12, 2008 by anonymous
Working. Thanks!
Comment June 27, 2008 by anonymous
It is working, Thanks!
Comment July 11, 2009 by KK
thanks for ur info. It work for me
Comment November 20, 2009 by Snehal Patel
Thanks it does work!
Comment March 17, 2010 by Richter
Very good. It works!
Comment July 19, 2010 by amith
Very good. It works! thanks guru
Comment April 23, 2012 by danke
Excellent, danka still using W2k pro in 2012 :D
Comment June 19, 2012 by Asif
Thanks a lot Its work fine and it is very very necessary to our Application because still we using Windows 2000 Platform
Comment August 2, 2013 by El Stevo
Great! It works!!!! thanks a lot