Honda CBR F4 Custom Camera Mount

July 23, 2007

To make the mount bracket, I cut and bent a sheet of aluminum from Lowes. Then, got a small travel tripod from Wal-Mart for $15 and mounted the head on the bracket. Luckily, it's all metal. I took advantage of a bolt underneath the front gas tank mount for the bracket. Took it out for a test run today and it works great. Loosen a wing nut and the camera mount pops off. Also very easy to aim it up or down and tighten it back up with the grip on the fly.


Here's a video of it in action.

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Comment October 16, 2007 by
Looks really clean - good job! Maybe adding a foam dampener would reduce the shakiness.
Comment July 20, 2008 by digitalpeer
Yea, the shakiness is definitely an issue. However, a I don't think a foam dampener is going to help. The aluminum bracket simply bends.