Eensy is a new project working towards the initial 1.0 release. Give it a try and open an issue if you run into any problems.

Version 1.0-rc2 SHA1
Raspberry Pi 2 Download 4d01eb199d8dc875ed1bf13e011cf81742a9dd40
Raspberry Pi 3 Download 3a04ce5633bd3eb5542a114111d7d707ac4a47ca
Cubieboard 2 Download 0871660857146014db8967cfbcf8fa65d07acbee
Beaglebone Black Download 8c9f47f7eaf2c8d965c7b5ba9ee67417fb665750

See the archive for more downloads and older versions.

Quick Install Guide

Installation consists of extracting and writing the downloadable image to your uSD/SD card.




Insert your uSD/SD card and figure out what the device node is and replace /dev/sdX with it. Be careful here and make sure you use the right device. Simply extract and dd the image to your uSD/SD card in one pass.

unxz -c eensy-XXX-YYY.img.xz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdX bs=1M; sync

Now, plug in the uSD/SD card, attach an Ethernet cable, attach an external USB drive if desired, connect up a serial console so you can see what's going on, and apply power. Wait a couple minutes while the device initializes and then open a web browser to http://gitsrv or use the assigned IP address of the device.

For more detailed instructions and further information on using and configuring your Eensy install, see the documentation.