Windows 10 - Smash Your Face

September 26, 2015

Have fun with the "last version of windows" as you smash your face against it like a toddler and welcome the new world of "feature" and "service" costs as you own less and less of your otherwise personal computer. With the limited time free upgrade, you don't have to "buy" Windows 10. But, that doesn't necessary mean you won't pay- it's not really free in any sense of the word.


Here are my guesses at what this means:

  • Want to see more than 20 files at a time? Pay.
  • Want copy and paste in Windows? Pay.
  • Don't want to see ads on your desktop? Or the start menu? Too bad.
  • Microsoft will track the heck out of Windows usage for targeted ads in Windows. Operations that used to be completely local will be no more.

Only time will tell. In the meantime, this image has stuck with me every time I hear Windows 10. The advertising seems to work.

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Comment December 31, 2015 by anonymous
Those poor children....