Protect Your Website Email Address

July 19, 2004, updated December 30, 2015

Here's something I use around on this blog to help thwart email addresses from being harvested and I thought it would be worth sharing. You can give it a try to request and then have an image of text generated on the fly.

To request an id, go to the following URL using your email address:
To display the image on your website, use the following img tag with the id you are given:

An image will be displayed on your website like this: nos.php?id=e48b90e07f2c03c600e6d02da77f1ebd

As long as the security of this site is maintained, it is impossible for someone to obtain your email address from the id given to you in text form. It may only be obtained in image form. This will only stop email harvesters (computer programs) from being able to obtain your email address.

If you don't want to link to this site, and who wouldn't, you can simply save the image to your own host to use.

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