Hardees Advertising Commercials

July 11, 2005

Sex sells. Sex sells.

Mechanical bulls, Hugh Hefner, and Paris Hilton are only a few of the props used by Hardees to promote their thickbugers and advertise that men would starve without Hardees. Ironically, Hardees has even advertised it is the last place you would go for a burger. From the start, their commercials were obviously only geared toward young, sex ridden men. Now it's like they purposly don't want women in their restaurants. If you've seen the hot Camerson Richardson riding a bull while getting to second base with a burger you know what I'm talking about. Maybe the more recent and scandalous Paris Hilton showing how to wash herself and a car at the same time while eating a hamburger appeals to you more? What about a talking fetus? Maybe some provocative cheerleaders? Maybe a sloppy eater? No?

Well, how about a guy rubbing a cow? That's right. A guy getting physical with a cow. After seeing this commercial several times, I felt compelled to write this. The commercial consists of this guy dancing and rubbing a female cow to the song "Get Busy" and then following the commercial up with- "Milk Shakes." Oh my. There's so much left up to the imagination and I wonder if that's the viewer's fault or Hardees' fault. There's nothing funny or smart or interesting about these commercials. You sit there and wonder what the heck is going on and if you should call the police or throw your TV out the window.

Hardees advertisers want you to think like this:

  • Hot women eat at Hardees.
  • Hot women make out with Hardees hamburgers.
  • If I eat at Hardees, I'll make out with hot women.
  • I should eat at Hardees.

I actually think like this:

  • Hot women don't associate with cows.
  • Hardees customers grope and freak cows to music.
  • Hot women are repulsed by Hardees customers.
  • I should stay away from Hardees.

Here's a few of the commercials...

As a side note, here's a pretty hilarious parody of the Paris Hilton commercial by a recruiting company. You can guess they picked the wrong person for the job.

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Comment July 14, 2005 by anonymous
I will never eat at Hardees again. If you need naked women to sell hamburgers you know they are not good anyway
Comment July 24, 2005 by Marlene Beasley
I will no longer buy at Hardees. Have some decency for our children. I also will no longer watch the station on which the Paris Hiolton commercial airs
Comment July 28, 2005 by anonymous
Get Real! The cow commercial is hilarious. The Paris commercial is only a problem for uptight religious nuts who are afraid they can't say "no" for themselves
Comment July 28, 2005 by anonymous
I hate the PARIS commercial, however I LOVE the COW, It makes me laugh every time I see it. You should have saved it for SUPERBOWL SUNDAY it would have blown the competition away.
Comment July 30, 2005 by anonymous
Hardees used to be a family friendly restaurant. These ads with Paris Hilton should be rated "x" and taken off the air
Comment August 8, 2005 by anonymous
I think the paris ad is soft porn. It is disqusting. It is respulsive. I am not eating at hardees again, not only because of their ads, but because their good is f****in nasty
Comment August 9, 2005 by anonymous
i love the commercial with the guy shaking the cow. it's hilarious.
Comment August 15, 2005 by anonymous
The cow commerial is the best
Comment August 26, 2005 by anonymous
The Cow Commercial is the funniest commercial I have ever seen! HAHAHAHAHA. Oh, and the Paris Hilton commercials are cool too.
Comment August 26, 2005 by anonymous
Being a woman myself I find nothing offensive about the cow commercial. It is absolutely the funniest thing I have ever seen!!!
Comment September 2, 2005 by anonymous
I think the guy shaking the cow is hot
Comment September 2, 2005 by anonymous
someone post a picture of the guy shaking the cow
Comment September 2, 2005 by anonymous
who sings the music for the cow commercial? i wanna download it.
Comment September 3, 2005 by anonymous
Comment September 3, 2005 by anonymous
What is the guy's name that is shaking the cow.
Comment September 9, 2005 by anonymous
I swear that looks like a fake udder on that cow. Did Hardee's hire a censor after the complaints about the Paris spot?
Comment September 27, 2005 by anonymous
I would not eat a hardees if all I had left was spam. John Bland
Comment September 30, 2005 by anonymous
i could be wrong but didnt the paris hilton ad belong to some other restaurant
Comment September 30, 2005 by anonymous
yes like carl's jr. dont blame hardees they just spoofed it
Comment September 30, 2005 by anonymous
it is a fake udder
Comment October 4, 2005 by anonymous
Carl's owns Hardees.
Comment October 6, 2005 by anonymous
If you're getting something dirty out of the commercial with the cow, I think that says more about you than it does the commercial. He's shaking a cow. Cows produce milk. Milk shake. Get your mind out of the gutter.
Comment October 15, 2005 by anonymous
we can talk all day long about how we hate the commercials or how much we love them--but it does not really matter. the company has narrowed down its target audiences, repositioned its markets and is selling the hell out of those over-priced chunks of meat.that taste better then the crap at the competitors. i say, men 18-34, who enjoys paris hilton and cows (those from ky, miss and tenn), keep laughing, conform and enjoy. those not in the target audience and do not eat at hardee's because its ads are funny: go f*** yourself and get over it..
Comment October 15, 2005 by anonymous
make the font in the comment box black. i am 24-but it looks like i am a drunk third grader in the last posting. are the people with kids going to cry about that too?
Comment October 17, 2005 by anonymous
I wanted to say something about the commercial with the loser guy who cant even make coffee. It shows how much guys depend on mothers and resturants. If they would worry more about being a man and growing up instead of juggling 4 GIRLFRIENDS AND NOT GETTING CAUGHT they might get a clue!!!!! See I caught my looser boyfriend trying to juggle me and his slut but I was too slick for that looser!!!! He can have his other women and HARDEES TOO!!!!! I think that commercial sucks!!!
Comment November 2, 2005 by MFOSTER
This burger is the ultimate in meat relief. I've been drooling for a thick-burger and I've just satisfied my palate. This is what a burger should taste like-not that thin-I-can-see-through variety that's on the market now. POWER TO THE THICK !!!!!!!
Comment November 2, 2005 by MFOSTER
Again this is The Burger you eat with a beer and watch the sun go down-POWER TO THE THICK !!!
Comment November 2, 2005 by PTTT
Available for one hell of a commerical POWER TO THE THICK !!!!
Comment November 14, 2005 by anonymous
Comment November 27, 2005 by marcie
the cow commercial is awsome. Does anyone know where i can download it? sugarseven7@aol.com
Comment December 1, 2005 by anonymous
I am absolutly appalled at the Hardee's commercial that has a Chicken walking around with a black strip and then you see a chicken sandwich. How much does that want to make you throw up?
Comment December 1, 2005 by anonymous
All those Hardees commercials with those guys who have three day growth,sweaty,and looks like no shower in a month amkes me not want to eat at Hardee's
Comment December 1, 2005 by anonymous
HARDEES Wake Up! Cut all the actors, cut all the acting, and only talk about your product. Your commercial time will be much shorter and save you money in the long run. Makes sense dosem\n't it? It will also save a workout on my mute button Any acting in commercials is useless, Think about it!!!!
Comment December 4, 2005 by anonymous
Your commercials about "without us, some guys would starve" are the dumbest on TV. I will not eat at your restaurants as long as you continue to insult my intelligence. Do you honestly want people to believe your customers are as incompetent as your lame commercials indicate? Is your intire advertising group made up of angry single women?
Comment December 6, 2005 by aLICIa
Comment December 10, 2005 by Cowsrule
Funnies thing ever. I saw the cow commercial two days before I actually went to a dairy farm. Made the trip that much better. Oh.. as for the "guy" that posted the angry comment about "without us, some guys would starve" Wouldn't that prove to women - the ones that are offended by the paris hilton commercial mind you - that they aren't trying to put down women? Their just trying to put up something interesting. So they used a commercial with a 80% naked girl and talk about guys can't make good food. WHY do conservative people have to take these things so seriously? Just laugh, or let it roll of your backs. It'll be allright ... just ..let go.
Comment December 10, 2005 by anonymous
isn't hue really spelled hugh?
Comment December 10, 2005 by digitalpeer
Corrected spelling of Hugh. Thanks.
Comment December 11, 2005 by KRIFF
Where would one find the cow commercial on the net?
Comment December 15, 2005 by anonymous
chill out already - the cow shaking commercial is hysterical and i run into the room every time i hear it even though i'm not the target audience - it won't make me eat at carl's jr any more than the paris hilton (which was soft porn - sort of) did but i will tell everyone about the funny cow shaking commercial!
Comment December 19, 2005 by anonymous
Does anyone know thw name of the guy in the cow commercial?
Comment December 22, 2005 by anonymous
I want to find out any link to that cow shaking commercial if there is any.
Comment January 4, 2006 by m00c0ws
The cow commercial is hilarious!! I agree with an earlier post....cow makes milk + shaking = milkshake. As for the link for the cow commercial it's http://www.hardees.com/ontv/milkshake.
Comment February 7, 2006 by anonymous
not only are there commercials stupid you should try working for them. There pay really sucks and they don't believe in giving people raises after all the work you do for them. Please never apply at Hardees !!!!!!!!!
Comment February 28, 2006 by Need it for School
does anyone know where i could download the "without us, some guy would starve" commericials?
Comment March 13, 2006 by anonymous
I believe that Hardees has taken the comercials to a whole new level. I am not sure who is making the ads but, as mother I feel that the FCC should monitor the commercials they are tasteless. Big Bucking Chicken? Come on now. The sex and vulgerness of these commercials have no place on television. This is just my oppion. Thanks for letting me vent!
Comment March 19, 2006 by One Lost Customer
So they dont want the kids to come, they dont want old people , they do want the sex perverts ,and men to come see what the girls look like washing cars and riding bulls in a place you would eat in.Rocket science ad agency..try go in a McDonalds and see who is selling slim juicy burgers by the millions. d normally
Comment March 20, 2006 by anonymous
Big Bucking Chicken is Burger King. Please at least be appalled at the right company.
Comment March 21, 2006 by anonymous
While i cannot imagine that the latest "brand" of burgerking commercials have not gone un-noticed, i wonder how many realize the truth behind the marketing scheme. "big bucking chicken" or BIG FUCKING CHICKEN as the kids seem to be saying, and i imagine was the subtle intent, is an insult to intelligent thinking people and families that are trying to raise their children in a healthy environment; burgerking is attacking the core of our youth. They might as well be doing fart jokes as it would be less harmful. I was giving the benefit of the doubt to the ad campaign until i realized that the majority of ad executives behind it are children themselves. I wasn't sure of the depth until i heard the sequel "blow it out your bun, dad" or something of that nature. It is clear the direction they are pursuing and it is wrong and insulting. This is another example of a lude and low quality approach to hit our children with subliminal innuendos that will not only solicit their cheap product but a less than cheap mentality pushing for acceptance of pseudo vulgar slang that introduces less than healthy products in a ghetto like representation. Cowboys on chickens are simply the smoke and mirrors to pull it of in the hope that the adult population will miss it completely. It is as insidious as the "you bet your sweet aspracreme" commercial. It may seem harmless but it is damaging to the base of what morality and this society should be structured. Its borderline subliminal advertising appealing to the lowest common denominator. The days of Ronald Mc Donald are gone and that's bad for everyone.
Comment March 21, 2006 by fallen
does anyone have a link to where i can find the new big bucking chicken commercial to download? if so i would love to know what it is. please send me any info you might have. matt_miller22@hotmail.com
Comment April 3, 2006 by lordski
I dont mind any commercial as long as its not played over and over and over for months. BUT, Paris Hilton is a skank and emulates the wrong kinda message to young girls who think being a skank like her is proper behavior. Trust me and every one else with morals that Paris Hilton is not a proper person (spoiled little bitch is more like it). The Cow commercial is nothing but good humor. Now on the other hand I myself think the commercial with the gal truck driver is gross. Do I need to see some gal eat with her fingers in a truck?..I mean that actually looks uncomfortable and messy and the background song is only appropriate for those who live in Alabama. The other commercial I have a problem with is the one with the painter guys in the truck making WAY WAY WAY too many irratating licking, paper crinkling, lip smacking sounds....and who wants to eat cheeze off paper?..not me, and what a headache on the audio on that one...ok thats all I'll vent...dont forget Paris Hilton is a skank hoe who would do better if she had a few hardships in her life so as to not continue to belittle people..she really is stupid. I'd have rather Hardee's would have used a no name model for that commercial.
Comment April 3, 2006 by anonymous
I just had to ad my comment on the "Big Bucking Chicken" Burger King commerical. Only one word can describe it TASTELESS...just like Burger Kings food!
Comment April 4, 2006 by anonymous
The commercial about the guy with a steak hanging out of his mouth is not something that makes me want to buy Hardee's
Comment April 4, 2006 by anonymous
Does anybody have a link to the cow commercial? I think it is hilarious!
Comment April 27, 2006 by iluvopossums@aim.com
I think the guy wit the steak hanging out of his mouth was funny as hell! I laughed long after the commercial was over and I want to find the I like steak song so I can put it on my web page!!!
Comment April 28, 2006 by anonymous
nothing wrong with hardees just because their commericals have shit that you don't like. ever eaten their food? if you have and don't like it, ok then. if you have and you do like it, don't stop going their because of a stupid commercial, get real, society has changed, is changing and will never be like it used to be, so get used to it.
Comment May 2, 2006 by Killarney
I work at Hardee's. They are just ridiculous. Plus, most of the customers are the nastiest, sloppiest, rudest, messiest, most morbidly obese people I've ever seen.
Comment May 8, 2006 by anonymous
I find the Hardee's commercial very GROSS! It makes me want to turn the channel or eat somewhere else. The feeling about the commercials is mutial among alot of the people I come in contact with. I do still eat there on occasion but the mental pictures and the sounds of the commercials make the food not taste as well! Just show what ya got! (It's good people will eat there), but many may turn somewhere else like me due to the Gross sounds/actions in you commercials. p.s. bring back the steak biscuits like they used to taste like back in the 80's they just don't taste like to same. Thanks
Comment May 10, 2006 by Rich
I've felt Hardees ad agency was whacko for some time. This latest one with the fellows talking with their mouths full and crap dripping out of it really make you hungry for a burger, doesn't it? I mute it as it makes me sick. The really sad thing is that it is apparently working for them or they wouldn't keep running these obnoxious ads.
Comment May 12, 2006 by anonymous
Your commercials are the rudest, crudest commercials on television. You are sending a message to children that it is okay to talk with you mouth full, eat salad with your hands, and many other disgusting and ill mannered things. I shall never eat at your place again, until your commercials are cleaned up!
Comment May 31, 2006 by
What are you thinking? Gross, rude men with food dangling out of their mouths. Speaking gutteral grunts that have to be written to be understood. I get disgusted every time I see or hear a Hardees commercial. I used to love Hardees. I used to think it was worth the wait for a "thick" burger. Now I can not and will not listen I change the channel. Don't even think I would consider pulling in your lot. Clean it up Hardee's. Your guest have more class than you think. I have been insulted for the last time.
Comment June 14, 2006 by anonymous
Do any of the guys shave. Apparently they want the nasty, dirty looking customers cause all of the actors look that way. Unclean. I mute all hardees commercials. They suck
Comment June 14, 2006 by anonymous
the guys with their mouth full trying to talk is a disgrace. kids do not have any manners. and this commercial is no help. please take this commercial off. no one wants to see these rude guys. it is sicking.
Comment June 22, 2006 by anonymous
If you like trashy people, you'll loce hardees commercials. I prefer avoiding both.
Comment June 27, 2006 by anonymous
Comment Monday, June 26, 2006 I think the Hardee's commercials are disgusting and crude. They don't set a good example for good manners. They stink!! Shame on Hardees.
Comment July 10, 2006 by anonymous
Hardees is like Kmart. It sucks and im not sure how it stays in business. Im so sick of the Philly cheese steak commercial with the retarded taxi drivers talking dumb. I will never ever eat at hardees again. ever.
Comment July 24, 2006 by anonymous
lol dude you guys are like freaking over a commercial "I WILL NEVER EAT AT THIS PLACE AGAIN BECAUSE THE ACTORS THEY HIRE TO SEEM SLOPPY ARE DOING THEIR JOBS CORRECTLY" get over it but man that cow commercial is funny it makes me want to smack a cow anyways those guys with the meat hanging out of their mouths are cabbies thats how they talk boston new york idk
Comment August 4, 2006 by anonymous
I love the cowboy shaking the cow commercial, he is HOT. A lot of people are asking what is his name? Someone said John Bland but I'm not sure of that. Here is the commercial to see. http://www.hardees.com/ontv/milkshake. SO WHAT IS HIS NAME?????
Comment August 4, 2006 by A E Burnette
I'm just wondering if you have ever concidered making a commercial that is semi intelligent and not insulting to some people
Comment August 7, 2006 by anonymous
The guys with there months full and trying to talk is disgusting. Please take this commercial off. It makes me sick. We always like to eat at Hardees but need to get good commercials.
Comment August 15, 2006 by T. West
I stopped eatting at Hardees a long time ago. Not because of the commercials. The food is never good. Although I think the commercials with the guys being lame or degrading to women and the poor attempt to promote perversion is a low way to promote food. Someone mentioned "Ghetto like". I agree! The world doesn't have to stay the same but it can still have respect for human kind. Now... on the other hand... I love the cow commercials! I think it's on the edge of racy but I can put that out of my head and make it more funny by thinking about what the cows could possibly be wondering what is going on!
Comment August 22, 2006 by Mason
I love the cowshake commercial its innovative, original, funny n e one that;s sickened must be a vegan or something. How can you not think its funny and the guy in it is hot as HELL too! This make me want to go to Hardees
Comment September 9, 2006 by NEVERATHARDEES
I have had several people tell me that Hardees food is actually pretty good. But I have vowed never to eat there. It is my own personal way to protest their commericals, which seem to be designed to be unappetizing and discusting. I don't understand why a restaurant would make me sick to my stomach in most of their commercials. Somone should tell them that watching people (hot or not) with food dripping out of their mouths and talking with their mouth full, etc. does not make me want to eat there!!
Comment September 17, 2006 by Ken
His name is Kyle Dunnigan. He appears a lot on Reno 911.
Comment September 17, 2006 by Ken
You can visit his webpage and my space page here: http://www.kyledunnigan.com/
Comment October 1, 2006 by anonymous
I love Thickburgers but I hate the ads for them! Why has Hardees stooped to a new low to promote bad manners and rude, crude conduct? America needs role models to help improve society, not role models that take one back to caveman days where manners hadn't even been thought of! SHAME ON HARDEES!!!!!!!
Comment December 5, 2006 by anonymous
I hate the newest ad for the chili cheese fries, (not the one with the guy on the couch) but the one where there is a guy ANNOYINGLY smacking off screen and reaching for napkins. That is one of the MOST annoying thing that a person could do, smack like a stupid ass imbicile.
Comment December 7, 2006 by anonymous
I NEVER, NEVER eat at Hardee's! The commercials are gross, repulsive, and nasty. I cringe every time one appears on TV. The PR people who handle advertising for Hardee's are absolutely the worst!
Comment December 21, 2006 by anonymous
This article is freking retarded, I don't know what your problem with hardees is but last time I checked they had the biggest and best hamburgers ever, and what about the commercials?? What are you people complaining about your children's well being when they are home watching porn??? I love hardees and their commercials and all you damn retards need to shut up
Comment December 24, 2006 by jim
to the anonymous writer of Dec. 21. i think you are the one who is retarded. how can anyone sit there and watch some guy SLOP and smack a nasty drippy burger on t.v. unless they are PIGS also. hardees started going down hill years ago and these comercials don't help revive them at all. please take the gross things off the air.
Comment February 2, 2007 by Elizabeth
i just want to no the name of that guy in the blue from the commercial because ive fallen in love ha
Comment February 6, 2007 by anonymous
i work at hardees and im trying to find another job. hardees is a horrible place to work. they make the casheirs wait on the customers in the dinning room and refil their drinks and throw away their trash, and expect no tips!!! if someone leaves a tip you are supposed to put it in your register and give it to hardees. they dont give you benifits that are worth a crap, insurance is too high! they have a stupid hotline that rude customers who like to be picky can call and complain, and they sure as hell dont believe the employee over the customer, and some people who know about the hotline call it repeatedly and the employees get in trouble. i also hate working there because i hate permoting thier food. i read in one of their manuals that they are geared towards men 18-38 and they call this target group the "hungy man" they dont do good business because they are actually against serving healthy food. they dont have any information on the food about the nutrition but on their website you can see that the monster burget has 1300 calories and 105 grams of fat. RIDICULOUS! i am contributing to obesity just by being a cashier. i think thier food is horrible too! tastes bad, no variety, but the same people come to hardees everyday sometimes more then once a day! they are addicted and i hate hardees.
Comment March 11, 2007 by anonymous
The commercials being aired by Hardee's is nothing but soft porn. I will not spend a dime of my money at any of their establishments. In this case, sex does not sell
Comment April 23, 2007 by anonymous
Comment May 18, 2007 by anonymous
I don't appreciate seeing a bunch of wiggleling half naked women and men at a night club to advertise a breakfast club sandwich! Do we wander why our children no longer respect anything or anyone! The future of our country and world is in the hands of the adults that are suppose to be the exanple for our children! Dear God have mercy and help us. I won't eat at Hardee's anymore.
Comment May 27, 2007 by anonymous
I just saw the latest commercial with the girl crawling around with a burger in her hand. What exactly was she suppose to be doing. My family and I were watching the baseball game and this was not a suitable commercial for children to see. Well, you have certainly succeeded in one thing -- we will no longer go to Hardee's. McDonald's has our vote.
Comment May 29, 2007 by anonymous
If I could figure out how to contact Hardee's, I'd tell them how bad their commercials are. I won't spend a f'ing dime there, and there's one a quarter mile from my house. BTW, I'm NOT a conservative--quite the contrary. I find these commercials offensive to women, and any men who's head isn't on the end of their p----!
Comment May 30, 2007 by
I will no longer buy at Hardees. Have some decency for our children. I also will no longer watch the station on which the Paris Hiolton commercial airs .I will never eat at Hardees again. If you need naked women to sell hamburgers you know they are not good anyway
Comment May 30, 2007 by anonymous
I will no longer buy at Hardees. Have some decency for our children. I also will no longer watch the station on which the Paris Hiolton commercial airs .I will never eat at Hardees again. If you need naked women to sell hamburgers
Comment May 30, 2007 by anonymous
Comment June 3, 2007 by anonymous
I, don't like Hardee's food and I do not go there. Now if Hardee's would just get their most recent commercial off the television, I won't have to switch channels to watch something else while it is running. Guess they have to try everything to get more customers. I don't think this one will work.
Comment June 3, 2007 by RAS
Not sure why Hardees has to resort to such terrible commercials but as long as they do I will switch channels and spend any money at a place I used to love.
Comment June 3, 2007 by L. Smith
I don't eat at Hardee's because I don't like their food nor their service in general. Now if they would just get their latest ad off the television, I wouldn't have to change channels when it comes on. Guess they think there isn't enough sex already on TV.
Comment June 4, 2007 by anonymous
Hardee's commercials are DISQUESTING!!! ...and they are helping to make this world a "sick" place to live, and our kids are paying the price for their stupity,,,My family won't be eating there anymore, and hopefully others will wake-up and take a stand.,and ,,,SOON...HARDEE"S WILL BE GONG OUT OF BUSINESS!!
Comment June 4, 2007 by S.R.
I vowed not to eat at Hardee's again when they chose to use Paris Hilton in the commecial. I really did love the breakfast.It gives me great pleasure to sit across the street at our local Sonic and Watch NO cars enter Hardee's. If the content of the commercials is to drum up business.........YOU ARE FAILING!!! I CHALLENGE YOU TO MAKE A COMMERCIAL I AM NOT ASHAMED FOR MY GRANDKIDS TO WATCH.
Comment June 4, 2007 by anonymous
I think the Paris Hilton commercial is disgusting and I will no longer eat at Hardees. If you need to show something like that to get customers it must mean your burgers suck. Other restraunts don't have to have gross commercials for advertising why do yall. Why not leave the commercials like the cow commercial. It might get more people interested than what yall are showing. I will never watch another one of your commercials or do any business with Hardees anymore. I will encourage my friends and family to do the same thing. MAY GOD BLESS YALL AND YOUR STUPID COMMERCIALS.
Comment June 5, 2007 by A.L. Crossville,Tn.
We are a large group of Adults who gather at our local Hardees at least once a week to enjoy a "BURGER"or whatever & good CLEAN fellowship. The workers & manager are friendly & we all look forward to our time at Hardees. BUT.........HOW CAN WE ASSOCIATE OURSELVES WITH A "HUGE" Corporation who must lower their standards to use TRASH commercials. Monkey's are cute......maybe you could use "THEIR" ad agency or maybe we'll just move our adventures in eating!!!!!!!!!
Comment June 6, 2007 by anonymous
The Haardees commercial with the partially clad female writhing around with a burger in her hand and making pornographic movements is so leud and lacivious that the company shoul be prosecuted for displaying internet pornography!!
Comment June 7, 2007 by T Bauer; S Bauer
Man,you guys got it right; I'll not go back to another hardees untill someone in charge takes these ads off the air and apologise to the many faithful in Rebird Nation who get a tast(YUCK) of these commercials.I have contacted the Cardinals in this matter and they really can;t do anythig about it.SO LET'S HEAR IT REDBIRD NATION LET YOUR LOCAL HARDEES KNOW YOU;LL BE BACK WHEN THEY GET BIRD DROPPINGS OFF THE ADS.
Comment June 11, 2007 by Lynel
I'm disappointed that a "family" fast food chain has turned into something skanky, repulsive and shameful in their advertising. We used to take our kids there to eat, but since the latest commercial "patty melts for you" we have decided for the first time to boycott Hardees. This is our first time ever refusing to eat anywhere due to advertising. It's pretty bad when you have to change the channel when an unappropriate commercial comes on in front of our children...just for a hamburger.
Comment June 11, 2007 by D H North Carolina
I hate the Paris Hilton commercial !!!!!! Please take it off the air. that is nothing but porn. What in the world has happend to this country to allow porn on tv.
Comment June 12, 2007 by Marsha
I find the Hardees commercial disgusting. It makes you want to throw your TV in the trash.
Comment June 12, 2007 by Tom L
These type of commercials are disgusting including the new Patty Melts one.
Comment June 13, 2007 by Debra Heaton
I have reviewed the previous complaints and in my opinion they have had no sucess in convincing Hardees to change their commercials. I also think the Hardees commercials are disgusting. I was hoping my input would help put a stop to these commercials. Obviously they don't care that my family, my church or neighbors will ever eat at Hardees again. Do they even see these complaints?
Comment June 14, 2007 by Gayle Cuff
Oh boy what is our world coming to. A family resturant now advertising there burgers through a sex promotion. That is the lowest of lows. I can't believe you would allow such a decision. Lord help people like you. This is one of the many problems in our world and I now consider your business a contributor of such evil choices for a family based business. I will not visit any of your resturants anymore. I WAS DISGUSTED TO SEE SUCH A THING. Thank you for allowing me to let you know how I feel. Gayle Cuff
Comment June 15, 2007 by anonymous
I have six grandchildren and they love to go to Hardees, but after the filthy ads that have been on lately, we are switching to McDonalds and Arbys. I will not eat at Hardees again until they once again realize it is a FAMILY place. You would think they sold beer and it was a nightclub after seeing theirs ads. We even switch chanels when the ads come on. Let's clean up your act. I work at a primary school and our parents are not pleased with all this junk either.
Comment June 17, 2007 by anonymous
I dont consider myself a prude! The hardees commerical is absolutley disgusting! I was watching he St. Louis Cardinals baseball game when this commercial came on and I was in shock! It was 7:00 p.m. not 2:00 am. If they want to play commericals like that they need to be on movie channels late at night! I will never eat at Hardees again!
Comment June 18, 2007 by Nancy Carter
There is enough smutt on tv without having commericals full of it. I think it is a crying shame to show this filth for children to watch this is not helping your business, by the other comments I've read, it is only hurting you business. If you are running out of ideas to advertise your business, go back to the old days ads.
Comment June 20, 2007 by LLC
I am thoroghly discussed with the deplorable, pornagraphic smut that is being used to promote the Hardees resturants. "Patty Melt" is the most disgusting of all thus far. Hardees should be ashamed! I can't stand these commercials, and will turn them off completely. If a company has to become so perverse just to sell a hamburger, they are not worth having anyway. I can only imagine what the people are like who promote such styles of advertising. It makes Hardees look really bad! Any decent human being would be turned off, by such whorish, sleezy, and tasteless commercials. I am not going to support such immoral business practises, and I will encourage my friends to boycott Hardees as well! You have lost this customer forever!! Clean up your act Hardees!
Comment June 21, 2007 by The Hood Family
These Commercials are vulgar and not acceptable for families. Our family is not eating at this place until the ads are cleaned up!
Comment June 21, 2007 by SKIPPER FAMILY
Comment June 23, 2007 by Robert L. Scott
We are sick and tired of your commercials. If your target group is males from 18 to 34 I hope you get them all because you have lost us. We are in our early 60's, but we have the money to eat where we want and it won't be Hardee's!
Comment June 25, 2007 by anonymous
Just so you know, we are a family of 7 and enjoy eating out, especially at fast food places. However, since you've turned to placing immoral commercials on television (where many children can see them) to advertise your restaurant we have not eaten there. We will never give a cent to Hardee's as long as you continue this "ripping apart the families" type of commercials! I'd hate to be in your shoes when you meet your maker! Your commercials have been a topic of discussion in many bible study, sunday school groups among adults and all involved in those groups are no longer eating at Hardee's. Shame on You!
Comment June 28, 2007 by anonymous
The new Hardee's ad (patty melt thickburger with the woman in the white tee shirt) is inapproriate and annoying. If they are unable to initiate a clever ad campaign, it's a sign of a company with poor taste and inadequate management.
Comment July 3, 2007 by anonymous
Haven't you people ever considered that the commercials are trying to be silly, or amusing. And to the 18 to 34 demographic, they are funny. I laugh hysterically when I see a guy shaking a cow. It's just silly, and that's why I like it. So why should I care if Paris f**king Hilton is in the a Hardees/Carls Jr commercial. It's not about Paris Hilton, or the fact that a lot of guys think she's hot, so they'll go to Hardees. I think that part of the ad is irrelevant. What is funny about the commercial, is that a "Hot" girl is getting dirty with a burger, which is outlandish and silly. And it's that humor that was intended in those commercials. You folks should be more concerned about the advertisements for body spray products like Tag and Axe bodysprays. Their commercials are blatantly saying, "buy our product and women will like you" and it's not that they are being serious about it. They know that their product won't get you women, but you should realize that from how outlandish the situations in the commericals are. Women would never tackle you in hordes if you wore Tag bodyspray, but they make like your smell better. If you can't realize that it's a stinkin joke, then stop watching TV, because silliness like this is only going to become more prominent. Deal with it or turn the TV off.
Comment July 12, 2007 by once an employee
I worked there and will not eat there ever again. It indeed is a bad corporation...and horrible work environment. They will rub your name through the dirt, and get on file whatever they can. They expect you to be treated horrible and take it from the customers, and other employees there with grace, and poise.Well, I did to the best of my abilities and quit. It's true, I've seen these commercials...and I do see the men they target at the Hardees. As a older man, on this site posted they want the older crowd also but hopeful they won't eat there even though they have a senior drink for 41 cents including tax. That's not worth it. Go somewhere healthier...look at the nutritional chart. But anyway, don't won't to throw stones. But I applaud that people are looking at this company from an ethical standpoint. Using sex to sell a burger!! TRUE...the men eyeball the women in there like meat.
Comment July 15, 2007 by anonymous
I used to eat at Hardees, not any more.. I used to buy burgers there, and now they seem to be selling sex.........not burgers, I'm not interested. The ad is too sexually graphic, which makes their selling burgers look disgusting. You won't be getting anymore of my business. Where is the truth in advertising?
Comment July 19, 2007 by anonymous
The TV is only a part of the Hardee's filth problem. If you go to the web site the pornographic ad is in your face on every part of the site. Our childre are forbidden to go to their web site and we change channels when they come on the TV. Let's really come together and boycott these people. Money talks better than anything else. By the way, breakfast is better, cheaper and the service is superior to Hardee's at our local mcdonald's!
Comment August 3, 2007 by CJ
I whole heartedly agree with the disgust of these commercials. I own a hair salon which employs 25 stylists and a VERY large group of consumers which I will in turn use to picket against Hardee's. I am not a prude. However, I feel you can be funny and get the attention of your consumer's wilthout offending a very large portion of the viewing public. I feel it a lack of intellect and quality of your product by using such sleezy tactics to sell.
Comment August 9, 2007 by anonymous
In an attempt to at least add some sanity to this conversation, I really hope all you old farts realize that this web iste is NOT affiliated with Hardee's in any way. How stupid do you have to be to come on to this random web site and post a comment and think it is being read by anyone at Hardee's? If you are too stupid to figure out how to complain then your complaint isn'[t worth listening to. As for the Hardee's commercials I think they are great. Some are better then others. Maybe if some of you tried raising your kids YOURSELF, and STOP letting the television raise your kids, you wouldn't have to get your undies in a bind. It's not the job of Hardee's to raise your kids. If you are offended by what you see on TV then quit watching TV so those of us who aren't offended can enjoy it. p.s.--never start a sentence with "I am not a prude." WHat you are really saying is that you are one. Just because you don't think you are doesn't mean you aren't.
Comment August 9, 2007 by Ellen Hall
I think your commercials are the most stupid commercials I have ever seen. They are degrading to women beyond belief. The ones on the radio make me sick. I will never buy anything at Hardees and neither will anyone in my workplace. You all should think twice before submitting one of these stupid commercials.
Comment September 4, 2007 by Daniel Cain
I think we should all boycott Hardees resaurants because of their sexual erotic commercials and never do business with them. I know me and my family will not eat their again.
Comment September 10, 2007 by Jeanne
That cow one is HELARIOUS!!!
Comment September 12, 2007 by marcus
Sorry hardees---no more of your burgers for me--you guys are nuts.
Comment September 12, 2007 by marcus
Hey, The girl fisting her mouth is just like good porno. I'm not sure I know what it has to do with burgers-I guess I'll just have to ask one of your daughters, or wives. I'm sure they would know all about it. Thanks
Comment September 14, 2007 by Gail
I used to eat at Hardees. Not any more, after those commercials.
Comment September 14, 2007 by Casteel
It wont be long before the women in this country will dress like the women in the arab countries. Saying you wont eat at Hardees again because of a commercial is like saying you wont watch the Superbowl again because a player made a gesture you didn't like. Get real! The vast majority of you people that are doing most of the commercial complaining are those that are just plain ugly and need a life.
Comment September 14, 2007 by Goody Twoshoes
Oh Great! Now I can't go to Hardees, Can't buy levi jeans, Can't buy a ford, Can't look at a Sears catalog, Can't go to Hooters, Can't watch the Superbowl, Can't watch wrestling...ETC ETC ETC.
Comment September 14, 2007 by anonymous
It doesn't seem to mention the most recently pulled commercial, which uses a high school teacher, her students and her class room. That's what I really want t comment on. I agree that most of Hardee's commercials are offensive, but the one with Paris Hilton isn't too bad. And there are ways in which to imporove the class room commercial. But Hardees persistently come up with offensive commercials. That is one of the reasons, I stopped going to Carlls Jr, a long time ago.
Comment September 16, 2007 by anonymous
Get over it. Hardees knows what young men want to see and they are using it. Besides their burgers are also good tasting.
Comment September 19, 2007 by Shannon
Hardee's advertising department is absolutely absurd. I work for the place and its true, we have more nasty, overweight, asshole men come in than anything else. I hate working there, they spend so much $ on getting Paris Hilton to do a commercial that I can't even get a 20 cent once yearly raise on time after FIVE years of service. Fuck it, I'll be out of college soon
Comment October 2, 2007 by Jerry
I agree completely. I loath Hardee's commercials with a deep passion. I say we all boycott Hardee's as long as they make these irritating commercials.
Comment November 15, 2007 by anonymous
Please take that disgusting commercial with the two goons smacking like a couple of hogs where one of them says , " Are you going to eat the cheese paper." Its defintely doesn't make me want to eat at Hardees. These two guys have the manners of a HOG, Its gross and unbearable to watch, take it off the air!
Comment December 5, 2007 by Randy
wow, most of you nutbags need to shut off the fucking tv and go have a thickburger. Beleive me it will be a lot more satisfying than sitting on the internet whining like a gagle of schoolyard bitches about some comercials. Great, the Hardees commercials offend you, well, people like you who who bitch and moan about everything and over use the word "appauled" like its going out of style offend me. So piss off you church house frigid bitches!
Comment December 23, 2007 by pIckle_bucket
I used to work at a hardees in shit-hole Iowa, And after that experience, all I can say is: Friends don't let friends work at hardee's. (Or eat the place as well) Seriously beware of the food if you go to ANY of them 30 minutes before closing time. They got teenagers working there that rightfuly hate the place, Now imagine how much they care about handling your food. More so if you order some food that makes them re-clean some equipment they cleaned too far ahead of time, to be used to make your food. As for their commercials: About as cheap and cheezy as the wages your earn working in that disposable job.
Comment January 27, 2008 by anonymous
my family and i will not ever eat at hardees again...the commercials not only suck.... but the time i did go it was cold and rained the night before and i got out of my truck.and slipped on black ice and down on my butt i went..i have been 5 years battling them to pay hospital bills, i was out of work and almost homeless..but did they care , nope so this has been going on 5 years and nothing..so they dont give a shit about there customers..they will take your money and laugh all the way to the bank....i will continue to fight untill they make it right.....so think twice before you eat there because the food will make you fat, and cause you a heartattack, and heaven forbid you fall because they will deny everything....but they will take your money.....i have lost 5 almost 6 years of my life by stoping by for a morning sandwich......and they keep matching on.....never will i step a foot near there business.......and if you are smart you wouldn't either.......
Comment February 12, 2008 by Kellyryan61
I think it is funny that everyone here is arguing about a commercial....if it offends you then you need to get a sense of humor....and to who ever says it is about conformity has the thought that people might like there food crossed your mind.....and to the guy that says a commercial insulted your intelligence the commercial didn't insult crap because you are a idiot for even taking a commercial meant to be funny as a insult.....my advice to all of you is to clean the sand out of your vagina's. you might not like there food others do....you might not like there commercials.....others do. I swear you people complain almost as much as Christians.... lol....i look forward to your hate mail
Comment March 8, 2008 by Dano
Can anyone tell me how I can get the sound byte of the Hardee's radio ad of the Big country breakfast? It's the one where the country gentlemen and the hispanic guy is in. It's ends with the hispanic guys saying, Okay Biquit, you can call me Jose. I live in the south and it runs on a local radio station in Ft. Smith Arkansas. very funny ad I would really like to have.
Comment June 20, 2008 by anonymous
i do'nt mind the sexism, i hate watching and listening to people eat those burgers, it's disgusting.
Comment December 25, 2008 by anonymous
Hardees is a fascist toilet for a restaurant. It has that tacky 1980's feel to the whole place. I worked here for maybe a week about ten years ago back when i was in tenth grade. Ugh...most of the customers there are trolls or something close to it. Management at Hardees is like combining Hitler and Jabba the Hutt irregardless of gender. And the food...ewwww. At least McDonalds and Culvers have real hamburgers and sandwiches, and McDonalds breakfast sandwiches are at least edible. With Hardees...take a regular hamburger and stick 2500 calories and deep fried butter on it and smear bacon mayonaise on it and call it a Flabby Burger. You probably end up looking like that fat cow in the commercial. Hardee's = HUGE @$$ Redneck Dummies Eating Everything in Sight
Comment March 1, 2009 by Hardees is Gross
The commercials with the close-ups AND the enhanced sound of said close-ups i.e. the slurping, grunting and crunching, make me want to puke rather than eat at hardees. As a matter of fact, I will NOT eat at Hardees because of these nasty freaking commercials. And now it's March 1st, 2009 and those gnarly ads are still on my mind and I will still not eat at Hardees because when I think of Hardee's, I think of those nasty, sloppy , grubby dudes chowing down on shitty, greasy burgers, from Hardee's.
Comment March 15, 2009 by anonymous
I worked for Hardees for close to 10 years. The crew is underpaid but the general managers get bonuses. During manager's meetings they talk about the crew like they are non human. The managers I worked with were lazy. The burgers are heart attacks on buns. People do not know what is in one of those things. I doubt they will ever post the ingredients to one of their frozen hamburger patties to the public. Management does take the word of a customer over that of an employee. People will call and complain and get free food. Unfortunately, the same people call again and again and keep getting free food. The crew does get treated like crap. Been there done that.
Comment March 15, 2009 by Tripsjr15
Why don't all of you waisting your time complaining about a dumb commercial do something about all the predetors on the internet hiding behind first amendment rights. Thats something terrible, control that and you will lose most CRAP on all those commercials. They use sex because WE the people let them use sex stop talking and start doing. Same with your government shut it and start doing! STAND UP AND LET YOUR ACTIONS BE HEARD NOT YOUR VOICES because they do not listen.
Comment April 1, 2009 by anonymous
I agree - quit complaining about a commercial! It is about as ignorant as shopping in a Wal-Mart, and if you buy into any corporate shit it's all the same. You could argue every channel on TV for that matter... and for the record I think the burgers are pretty damn good and Im not obese or fat.....fools.
Comment April 1, 2009 by TIRED OF BRAINLESS PEOPLE
Comment April 3, 2009 by anonymous
This is just another example of a discusting commercial.
Comment April 3, 2009 by anonymous
I will never, never eat at another Hardee's again. I have written, emailed and phoned...nothing seems to matter. April happens to be the month for awareness of sexual assaults in this country. I find it repulsive that they would choose this month (what were they thinking?) to air a commercial where they straight out say that women are meat...
Comment April 5, 2009 by anonymous
Somehow "erotic" and Hardees are two words that, in my mind, should not go together. After hearing the latest radio commercial and seeing the "meat" ad on TV tonight, I need a cold shower. I am sure that is the affect they were after. But after my shower, I will NOT be going to Hardees. (I am a woman. And, yes, I find the ads a real turn off for a burger restaurant. I'm from NC, the home of Hardees, but I won't be eating there anymore.)
Comment April 7, 2009 by A. Owens, a former customer
I find the commercial with the provocatively dressed woman , eating a hamburger ,very offensive. I really didn't know what was being advertised. What does Hardees hope to gain from these kind of commercials? Why can't you use commercials with families in them?. After all, I thought Hardees was a family restaurant. I now realize it is not a place where I want my family eating or spending my money. Why not change the name to Hardees Bar and Grill? My suggestion is for Hardees to hire people of character to make their commercials .
Comment April 10, 2009 by disgusted grandmother
4-9-09 the slutty woman eatint the burtger is so disgusting..looks like her giving blow jobs paid off for her...as for me i won't be eating at hardees..
Comment April 10, 2009 by anonymous
as a mother i am completely repulsed by the sexual content in the hardees commercials. we dont take our kids to hardees. these commercials shouldnt be shown at anytime other than the early morning hours. what is america doing to the innocence of our children?
Comment April 10, 2009 by anonymous
I just saw the commercial with a woman sitting on steps, making love to her hamburger..I have NEVER been so offended. It was the end that got me.... "It's not just another piece of meat." Are you KIDDDING ME? I am in my 50's, and fairly open minded, but this upset me terribly. what message are we sending our young people? I think Hardees should be ashamed for allowing this type of advertising on TV. And... I will NEVER eat at Hardees again.
Comment April 13, 2009 by anonymous
I have been upset by Hardees commercials before and never said anything. This time you have really gone too far! My husband and I will no longer be supporting your place of business. We will also try to have our friends and family do the same
Comment April 14, 2009 by anonymous
Hardees must be in bad shape that they resort to soft porn to advertise. I certainly don't need Hardees. Other fast food places will do just fine. You just keep on enternaining the men!
Comment April 15, 2009 by anonymous
I can not believe it. Another disgusting commercial selling sex in a hamburger . WE thought last year was bad ,well this latest ad is nearly equal in the disgusting department. My family and I will be boycotting your fast food place forever And that is a long time!!! This is supposed to be a family place but it is no longer in that catagory. you have managed to offend us for a long time.
Comment April 16, 2009 by anonymous
I will never eat at Hardee's again! I really don't like the newest commercial, my husband agrees, it's inappropriate and I agree with some of you saying "women are a piece of meat". It's hard to believe that they want to offend so many people in this economy. I called and told the guy that answered what I thought and sent an email. I still see the commericial at 6-7 pm nightly on local channels. This is the reason society has no respect for themselves or others. So many are numb to this stuff. If the FCC should interfere-this is a time I would agree.
Comment April 19, 2009 by anonymous
There was actually a hamburger in that commercial with that "smokin" latin babe
Comment April 24, 2009 by LISA
Comment May 7, 2009 by anonymous
I think the commercials are funny. Children today shouldn't have to see the commercials, but if they do, either they know already what is being shown, or they don't and don't understand it and don't care. The Latin Babe is fromTop Chef.
Comment May 14, 2009 by Dot
What in the world do you think you are to actually approve of this commercial showing the "lady" and all her "wares" on TV? Whoever sanctioned this ad should be immediately fired!!! ...and you people actually think this will entice customers, young and old, to EAT at your place? It's seductive, disgusting, and outright perverted! Get real, Hardees, and know you're going the wrong way to encourage us to eat at your restaurant...will NEVER go there again! (Like you even care?)
Comment May 29, 2009 by firewolf
i have worked in the restaurant industry for a long time and was married to a chef for 25 years. i recently moved back to the usa and needed a job. so i was hired at a hardees. i have no idea how this company is still is in business. for all of you that actually like hardees? might inform you that the management/company treat their employees with no respect or regard. they treat them as slaves. the food? oh my word. well it might TASTE good, (it doesn't to me but it might to you), is taste the only thing you care about? i would be more worried about the the total disregard to any health regulations that the company seems to have. i wouldn't know how the food tastes myself, i haven't tried it because of the totally disgusting food handling i see going on. if you only care about taste, go right ahead and eat at hardee's, but if you catch a lot of germs, bacterial infections.....perhaps swine flu even (since it is in our area) go ahead and chow down. i won't be working there much longer........ as for the commericals? i guess it's just reflective of their customers alright.......not exadtly on the intelligent side I guees. i have to wonder when they get sick.....do they ever connect it to their passion for hardees?
Comment May 29, 2009 by firewolf
oh by the way at our hardees........we don't know what the "bacon" actually is. each slice is identical, just like some sort of formed meat product. we call them beggin strips. :-) next time lift the bun and check it out before you shove it in your mouth........ maybe hardees should run a contest about it hahah....... a free bacon burge to someone that can identify just what their "bacon" is hahahah it also as one other worker who would not eat it said "tastes funny" it tastes synthetic on it's own .......just put in with the rest of the crap you can't taste how odd is really is.......
Comment August 11, 2009 by anonymous
Comment August 11, 2009 by anonymous
who is your target customer?? Your commercials are disgraceful.. My son wanted to stop at your establishment today and I told him that we no longer eat at Hardee's. Do you have Kid's Meals on the menu?? If you do, that is just not right.....
Comment October 14, 2009 by anonymous
I agree with this person. Hardees has gone from ordinary advertising to almost nothing but sex behind their commercials. Two perfect examples are the one with Paris Hilton, and the one with the woman sitting on the steps eating a burger. Get mad at my comment if you want, but both of them looked like totally trashy sluts!
Comment December 4, 2009 by JULIIE ANN zSERDIN
anyone who would find this commericals funny or appeitizing has to be sick. if anything they turn you off from wanting to eat meat or at hardies. everyone in the commericals is ugly, fat and gross. what disgusting commericals. NASTY NASTY NASTY
Comment January 10, 2010 by HARDEES IS DEAD
Their latest commercial REALLY did it for me and my Husband (a MAN) is boycotting Hardees now too!! A STUPID CHEATER/PLAYER having oral sex with his burger while getting his car buffed after his 3 girl friends found out about each other and vandelized his car. REEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY HARDEES??? How desparate are you for customers? What audiance will you target next? Terroists maybe? Heck ANYTHING to TRY and sell your crappy burgers...huh?
Comment July 9, 2010 by anonymous
The Hardees commericals are so stupid. It makes people look like they are idiots. I wont eat at hardees untill they make a better TV or Radio commericals. Not portray peopl as being stuppid, Is that what they think of people and the way people act? So are they say only stupid people eat at hardees! Am iI right?
Comment July 9, 2010 by Jin
Your Right they say people are STUPID and only stupid people eat at Hardees!
Comment July 22, 2010 by VAS2010
I absolutely hate Hardees' nightmarish, misogynistic ad campaign. Hardees is now synonymous with trash. It's truly depressing to see a mainstream business behave so repulsively - encouraging men to be fat, lazy, stupid slobs that hate their own mothers. Granted, we don't all think our mothers are saints, but do we have to channel our whiny, ungrateful 13 year old boy voices into the public sphere? "Mom won't let me do whatever I want so I'm gonna pout, eat crap and watch porn - now who's got the power?" The people that came up with these commercials are pathetic sell-outs, and if anyone is falling for it, they are probably the same kind of people. Remember that ads sometimes sell you an idea of what you want to be- if you just consume this (xyz) product, you'll become this (xyz) way. A lot of people wouldn't be caught dead in Hardees for that reason; they don't want to be self-proclaimed failures that can't wipe their own asses. But apparently Hardees continues to exist - so there must be a segment of the population that has blatantly given up on or never believed in physical or moral health. But maybe we should be glad... Hardees is using woman hatred and a shared love of being a loser as a tool to slowly kill off the G4 crowd with its' "food". Of course, I will never eat at Hardees as long as they are content to be attacking my gender. And I have not taken any of my hundreds of students on the numerous field trips I have every year to eat there either- so they just lost a lot more than my money.
Comment August 30, 2010 by
just saw a commercial for Hardees in Charleston S.C.,-- this guy saying why frozen bisquits are better than fresh! haha -- hysterical!
Comment October 18, 2010 by anonymous
If your, the advertising company for Hardees, understood or cared about what was happening in the world today, people looking for jobs, peace, relationships, food and shelter, you would understand why "sexual symbols" are not the "ultimate" in life; however, you must appeal to a population that needs titlation to eat! I totally resent your approach to life/ and the basic necessities, which your company provides,. If you trusted your product, you would not have to stoop to this level of explotiation of women. i sincerely hope you come to terms with what food means to folks, and how degrading you make them feel to purchase, what is basically good, not healty, but tasty food. What are you "giving" to the community, besides slut? This is my 3rd negative reflection on your ads! There is no other fast food chain, I would fault in this way. Please, please, get some professionslism!!!!
Comment October 19, 2010 by ed hardy bekleidung
Hardees is using woman hatred and a shared love of being a loser as a tool to slowly kill off the G4 crowd with its' "food". Of course, I will never eat at Hardees as long as they are content to be attacking my gender. And I have not taken any of my hundreds of students on the numerous field trips I have every year to eat there either- so they just lost a lot more than my money. http://www.edhardykleidungshop.com/
Comment November 15, 2010 by anonymous
I think lawsuits from people would fix this problem. there should be something we could do to get this trash taken off of Tv, this commercial has pushed it way too far, its just sad,I will Never eat at hardees again!
Comment February 28, 2011 by John
You people are pathetic, QUOTES from the BIBLE, LAWSUITS, REALLY????? So you people are into censorship? Who freaking cares how they advertise or what they use to advertise? I don't, why don't you get off your lazy ass and change the channel, it's as simple as that! You don't like the advertising, don't eat there, I hate the JD Wentworth commercials, when they come on, so I either mute it, or change the channel, hell I have been known to get up and walk out of the room when they come on from time to time. Get off your moral high horses and chill the F##K out! It's people like the one's posting above that seem to be the FREAKING problem with this country, find something else MORE important to BITCH about! Get a life, you bunch up stuck up, P.O.S., holier than thou, bible beating sh!theads! If this hasn't offended you, email is below, drop me a line and I will do my best to offend you another way!
Comment March 10, 2011 by Russell M
You people really twist my nipples. You really think hardees gives two fucks about your boycotting. Ha, they make more money in a week than most of you do in your shitty lives. Hardees is delicious they are the only fast food around with curly fries. I know im not the only one who would rather have a good real angus beef burger over mccdonalds grease covered mystery meat. So go back to living in your fantasy world and leave us people with a sense of humor alone. Sex sells and so does their juicy dripping burgers.
Comment April 8, 2011 by anonymous
Of course men would watch your trashy commercials. Still doesn't mean they would eat there!! Your business would be a lot better if you would get the stupid ads off the air and actually appeal to everyone (women and kids eat too you know). I wouldn't eat there because apparently if all you can think about is how much trash you can dish out, then you must be hiding the fact that your food is terrible!!!!!! Think approriate ads for a change............Discrimination against women? HMMMMMM!!!!!!
Comment April 16, 2011 by anonymous
TRUE Hardee's are promoting SEX rather than the Turkey Burger (Miss Turkey ad).
Comment October 12, 2011 by Moparking
Welcome to America where people bich cry and are offended by everything.
Comment October 20, 2011 by jane
I don't eat at Hardees anymore. Apparently their food is only for men so I've decided not to give them any of my money. I hope they go out of business. Their food sucks too.
Comment January 2, 2012 by Pfc1stJonson.
Well if you don't like it don't eat it, or you can cry and moan like someone cares.
Comment February 27, 2012 by
I hope they go out of business and that people will boycott them!!
Comment February 28, 2012 by anonymous
Who would think any of the actors/actresses would have energy to finish anything after eating any burger that large........
Comment March 2, 2012 by anonymous
This is the trashes commerical I've ever since!! It makes me sick to my stomach......
Comment March 4, 2012 by anonymous
Hardees has stooped to a new low with this last comercial.With child molestation and rape of our young women at an all time high you would think that Hardees would not produce these provacative comercials that would get some crazed low life in the mood for fun..I realize that a few people boycotting Hardees will not make a diffrence but if every Christian in america refuses to eat at Hardees it will make ahuge diffrence in their proffits.I for one will not eat at Hardees untill this add is removed and I wiil be praying about it.
Comment March 6, 2012 by anonymous
Hardees has done this before. I voiced my outrage before and do so again now. I guess they really don't learn too quickly and have to be hit in the head again in order for it to sink in that most people don't care for this type comercial. They will not get any future business from my family.
Comment March 6, 2012 by anonymous
I will no longer support Hardee's. Pornography is not the answer to a successful business.
Comment March 7, 2012 by
You ought to be ashamed of yourselves .It should be taken off the air.Pure trash!!!
Comment March 11, 2012 by melinda
i will not eat at Hardee's. im outraged!
Comment March 12, 2012 by anonymous
stopped going to hardees a long time ago. the ads make me think of dirt. i don't want to eat dirt.
Comment March 14, 2012 by SHONDA
hardees commercials I agree and all the women in my family and several friends have stopped buying from hardee's. They have some very sicking commercials and we agree we will never shop at hardees again. I will never be able to eat a sandwich, burger or drive past a hardee's restaurant with out thinking of the sicking commercials I feel as though I have been sexually assaulted and I'm mortified that this company thinks this is o.k. was it not bad enough before with their older commercials. HARDEE'S TAKE NOTE WHAT ARE YOU HELPING TEACH ARE KIDS
Comment March 16, 2012 by anonymous
that is the sickest thing i have ever seen!!!!! what was you trying to sell the burger or the women? selling sex is very illega!! and another thing what do you think your teaching children to think of women as just a peice of meat!!!!!! sex sells you should be ashamed of yourselfs my family will never eat there again!!!
Comment March 21, 2012 by Anonymous
Frankly, I wouldn't consider eating a hamburger that came from someone's CROTCH!
Comment March 29, 2012 by RENE
really sad. I don't send emails usually but fired off one recently to Hardees web site regarding this outrageous commercial. I happen to like Hardees burgers and love jalapenos but I've quit buying anything from Hardees--not even my drinks while I travel. Now I go next door to the Wendy's for my burgers and to KFC for my chicken tenders. My husband also thought it was trashy--nothing kids should see or think is appropriate. NO LONGER HARDEES PATRON.
Comment April 4, 2012 by Dulceb
The jalapeno thickburger commercial is nothing but soft porn. I was very offended and I do not want to see that on TV. Neither do I want my young daughter to see it. I worked at Hardee's a long, long time ago. Food did not impress me then, and it certainly doesn't now. Get real Hardee's.
Comment August 28, 2012 by anonymous
Do they not realize most of their customers are families with young children who will be less likely to eat there BEACAUSE of those commercials? When will advertisers stop completely righting off a women's reaction to their campaigns? The whole "what advertisers want you to think" is only addressing what they'd want men to think. Not women. Women will and do feel attacked. Women spend the most money in this country. Women with children frequent fast-food more than anyone. Terrible move. Yes, people are talking about your commercial, so maybe you feel it was successful. But frankly, I hope it runs you into the ground. I will add to those who will make a point not to eat at Hardees any longer.
Comment August 28, 2012 by anonymous
I will NOT eat at Hardees. I'd actually like the human race to EVOLVE and LOVE. What real, true, good is this doing for the world? Oh, and, I'm not religous. At all. I'm also not a desensitized dickface.
Comment September 9, 2012 by motherofthree
I too have been boycotting hardees for years because of their ads , glad I'm not alone! See ya at Chick fil-A!!!
Comment September 16, 2012 by anonymous
I think the commercials are great.......
Comment September 24, 2012 by
i. Think you should drop the stupid cow And The Sexie ads get real if your burgers Are Good they can stand alone for real family people I would not go in anywhere and eat with my family or any one else and people looking or acting like your ads sex. Needs to be separated from the family diner Table CAT 943 monroe, TN $16,500 Sep 9th
Comment December 11, 2012 by anonymous
My family of 7 will never eat at hardees again due to their slutty ads. I read one readers comment that said this is what the world is coming to so get over it. If that's really the case then they should have sexy/slutty men ads as well. kids growing up today show see both sexes 'half naked', not just women. I dont think they should see stuff like that at all but if they are, it should be equal, not just objectifying women. thats not good for either sex. and I dont appreciate my kids seeing it. I can block channels, ratings, but i cant block commercials. this needs to stop.
Comment February 6, 2013 by Grandad of 9.
We are no longer buying anything from Hardees. It used to be a great family place but I don't even let my grand children watch the commercials much less support a company that has to sell sex to sell a bisquit. I haven't missed them at all.
Comment February 6, 2013 by M, C.
Your commercials are ridiculous. I will not go to any Hardee store .they discust me.
Comment March 15, 2013 by Julia Rush
The latest sexy commercial is very offensive and completly un-necessary. Very disappointed with your way of advertising!
Comment March 21, 2013 by Tammy Ellis
The tastelessness of your commercials has ruined the taste of your food. I will never eat at Hardees again.
Comment April 8, 2013 by Semmes, AL
Well Hardees you have done it again! It appears that you have no morals and that you dont have God in your life. These commercials are of the devil and you have had to stoop to being vulgar for a sale. What really is heart breaking is that you feel you can't sell your food with out filth. I will pray for you all including those that need a decent job that you don't offer due to your style. No i'm not judging you! nor am i ignorant about what you are doing in the public.with your garbage.
Comment April 24, 2013 by Ruth Wilson
Hardees used to be one of my favorite places to eat. I had breakfast there about 3 times a week and sometimes my evening meal came from Hardees. I am so disgusted with their filthy commercials, I have stopped going there and I won't be back unless they clean up their commercials. I know they are capable of producing a commercial that is clean, like the one about their biscuit maker. My 14 year old grandson even turns his head when the new one with "Mrs. Robinson" in it comes on. One of my daughters friends who has two teenagers says she stopped going to Hardees months ago and one of my older friends who has grown children with teenagers says none of them go to Hardees anymore. All I can say is "really Hardees, do you have to resort to this kind of smut to sell your product?"
Comment May 6, 2013 by anonymous
The commercials are trashy and lame. They've been that way for years and since then I haven't eaten there. I don't want to support a company that makes such commercials.
Comment October 3, 2013 by anonymous
Local restaurant used to be a great place for families and kids to meet and eat. Family friend used to run it and the food was decent and it had a fairly wholesome air. Now they want it like a cheaper Hooters. They would rather just get dumb eighteen year old males who are stupid enough to salivate over a sandwich with enough fat to block arteries. Obviously they care nothing about the millions of moms and wives who are the ones who decide where to eat! I and my family have not been there for about fifteen years or so. Last time I went the employees acted like they were doing you a favor to wait on you and the manager tried to keep my change ( ten dollars or so) Guess they don't care. Bad, very bad.
Comment October 12, 2013 by anonymous MO
I contacted Hardees/ Carls about there trashy commercial's & was told their CEO thinks they are great & he is doing fine as CEO of both companies. I will & have not eaten at either establishment for a long time & probably will never return unless they clean up the ads.
Comment January 29, 2014 by anonymous
The new HOT BUNS commercials are blatantly sexist. I HATE them and will not go to Hardees agaibn.
Comment February 21, 2014 by Kansas City MO
What "ace" in marketing came up with the idea that in order to sell hamburgers, Hardees had to sell sex at the same time? This last commercial with the Dad and the young man talking about the daughter's buns and then the Mother's buns is down right creepy. I can't believe that the above complaints, that date back to 2005, complaining about your sexist commercials have done nothing to change your marketing strategy. It has just gotten worse. If you do not care, that is fine with me but I personally have not been to a Hardees since the first offensive commercial aired. If I want fast food, I will go down the street to your competitors as it does not seem to matter to you that I do not spend my money at your place of business.
Comment March 13, 2014 by Jane Norton
Fortunately for me, I have not seen most of the commercials that are the subjects of the above complaints. However, the beach commercial that is now showing during the SEC tournament-just when the teenage boys are on spring break-is despicable. I have enjoyed Hardees food for many years. Taking our grandchildren to Hardees for breakfast has been one of the highlights of their visits to us. We live in a small town and I am sorry to deprive your employees of financial help and my family of a good breakfast. However, if you keep running these commercials, I will stop buying at Hardees and I will encourage my friends to do the same. Jane Norton, Searcy Arkansas
Comment August 1, 2014 by SANDRA TERRY
Comment August 1, 2014 by tom ross
Hardee's has gone to the dogs. Their new pull-a-parts has men talking about masturbation? They actually say pull one off but we all know what that means. Get a life!!
Comment August 7, 2014 by Elle MacP
Fact: Hardees food just simply isn't. It's low grade, fatty, non-nutritional crap that only someone who doesn't have a higher standard for themselves would eat. Makes sense they would play to this lack of intelligence to target and degradate the young group of guys they have defined as their customer base. They don't think you are smart enough to see the obvious. It's you they are dumbing down....it's no different than a strip club luring you in the door w it's nudity to charge you 12.00 for a beer. FYI the women who cheat you out Of your money have zero class but are still laughing at your simplicity all the way to the bank. If you want to be stupid, help yourself. These commercials are insulting you with the oldest trick in the book and paying off these common girls with no talent beyond being a prop. A low class prop at best no matter how your body looks....just like a stripper. Guys who fall for this deserve the trick they are played and the women who allow themselves to be cheapened for money deserve their title as well. If you fall into this category in you small childlike mind, you see nothing wrong with the entire sad event because you simply can't think on the level required to get it. True respect and talent requires class and the intelligence to understand how to handle an protect it. This is why you will never see truly Talented actors stripping down. They know it's the kiss of death to ther credibility and worth. There will always be uneducated, unintelligent, Neanderthal minds in this earth...it stems from bad genes. I just wish the FCC would do it's job so those of us who live in a place that don't want this entering our homes anymore than we would have pork rinds for an appetizer or enjoy Honey Boo Boo have to have it hurled onto us like projectile vomit.
Comment August 7, 2014 by anonymous
Hardees stop dude. It's embarrassing. Your desperate advertising scheme is classless and humiliating to you as a business. If you boys can't succeed without stooping to the bottom, just call a spade a spade and keep some damn dignity. Do you honestly think we believe those models eat your blue collar crap? Lol Just give up and save face. It's painful watching your long slow demise. Get together at the nearest trailer park and call a press meeting. Then we may at least respect you for that.
Comment August 7, 2014 by anonymous
Additionally you guys who post how much you love these ads, dude, nobody would ever want to make some over exposed slut your wife or the mother of your kids unless you are a wanna be yanker who can't get a piece of ass on any given Sunday. Stop embarrassing the gender by exposing your infantile headiness. It's uncool and you look like a bitch.
Comment August 7, 2014 by MJSTOKES
Hardee's USED TO BE my favorite fast-food restaurant, but MACDONALD'S, BURGER KING, and all the others will get my business from now on. When you have to resort to such smut it says your food isn't up to the quality of the other chains. This note won't make a difference to you but everyone I talk to says the same thing. Most of them say they will not be going to Hardee's anymore.
Comment August 9, 2014 by anonymous
Holy cow Hardees.....how're those working for you? Must say I'm proud to know there are so many people out there with values and dignity. Your Company may have run the single most destructive ad campaign to date. PS Paris Hilton is an unattractive and untalented nobody. How much did you pay for that endorsement? Stupid. Last question. How old are the people making the decisions for you? Let me guess. 12-14????
Comment September 27, 2014 by TOM GOLD
Comment May 7, 2015 by anonymous
I'm glad to see there are many other people who feel as I do. Maybe smut sells your product but I'm pretty sure that for every person who buys a burger because of a tasteless commercial, there will be at least one who doesn't buy it because of a tasteless commercial. Whoever is responsible for this garbage is pathetic.
Comment October 27, 2015 by fedup
Used to take the family to Hardees but after a few weeks of oversaturation of those Tex-mex commercials on Hulu, never again. Trying to watch tv with my wife and daughters with this kind of low-brow "sex sells" technique in our faces makes me want to take your company president out and hit him in the face with that volleyball. Repeatedly. After filling it with loose change I'll now never spend at his fast-food chains.
Comment November 29, 2015 by anonymous
if you think that you kneed naked women to sell bergers that arent even good why would you spend money on is
Comment November 29, 2015 by anonymous
naked women really that just makes women unatracted to you restrant chane like what women wud want to eat at a place that practly has to give porn to people just so they will by there food
Comment August 6, 2016 by anonymous
I am disgusted by it me my family and friends wound go to any Hardies and eat there what has burger to do with halve naked women ,that last commercial with the three half naked women come on really ,are they trying to make the next commercial to throw each other burger and smear ketchup around and turn Hardies in a nasty strip place. I have children that takes the fun of watching television thanks allot HARDIES!!! And they spend so much money to fix them up ,it be better to stay natural and pick regular people ho goes in burger places on Daily basis for commercials ,kids are cute!
Comment August 15, 2016 by
Hardies No! Not till they stop the adds and then some.