Disk Sharing To Windows With Linux rdesktop

April 24, 2016

I regularly use rdesktop to login to Windows computers over the network from Linux. Doing this, I regularly need to share files. For most Windows versions, this works fine the normal way by just specifying -r disk:linux=DIRECTORY. However, some Windows versions including Windows 8.1 have a quirk that require audio to also be forwarded in order for disk forwarding to work. Odd, but it works.

In any event, here's my typical bash script I use to fire up a remote desktop session over the local network.

rdesktop IP_ADDRESS \
    -u USERNAME \
    -g 1596x1170 \
    -x l \
    -a 32 \
    -r clipboard:CLIPBOARD \
    -r sound:local:alsa \
    -r disk:linux=DIRECTORY

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