Bench Variable Regulated Power Supply

January 29, 2014

Following an existing circuit, I quickly put together a variable bench power supply with parts I already had on hand. It supplies from about 1.5 volts to 17 volts. This is handy for getting getting the right voltage over a range of projects. The output is fairly clean and good enough for most of my needs.

Using a standard project box, the AC power is fused and converted to DC with a regulator. The pot allows the voltage to be adjusted and the banana clips make it easy to swap out wires.


I don't have the transformer circuit because it's something I already had on hand, but here's the regulator circuit board.

Screenshot from 2014-01-28 23:33:54.png

You can download the Fritzing file here.

Here's a volt meter using a PIC actually reading the output from the power supply. Maybe some day I'll get it finished up and added onto the power supply itself.


Update: I cheated and got this LED Digital Volt Voltage Panel Meter Voltmeter:

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