10 Tech Themed TV Shows for Geeks

November 16, 2016

There are a lot of TV shows out there that are catering to both technology and the office. Here's a rundown of my 10 favorite that are all must see TV shows if you like technology, science, humor, and a bit of science fiction. You can watch most of these on Netflix, Amazon, or HBO streaming if physical media is too old school for your style.

The Office


Office humor with a great cast. This is one of my favorite scenes when Dwight tries to deal with a head lice outbreak in the office.

The Big Bang Theory


Comedy, quirks, and real science.



This is a new one and it's glorious. Not only is it entertaining and interesting, it literally makes you question the fabric of existence. Just who's in the simulation and who's controlling it? Wow.

Mr. Robot

IMDb - Amazon

A drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Silicon Valley


If you live in Silicon Valley, this might not be funny. If you don't, it's downright hilarious.

Halt and Catch Fire


Set in the 1980's, this is an involved look at surviving in the up-and-coming computer business that hints at what it must have been like for Jobs and Wozniak.

The IT Crowd


Somewhat similar to The Office, but with a British spin on humor.


Amazon - IMDb

Black Mirror

IMDb - Netflix

A mind bending sequence of shows that are definitely worth the watch.



If you've never heard of Mythbusters, then this list may not be for you. Good stuff.

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