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Function Parameter Evaluation Order in C 1

June 24, 2005

Coroutines in C

June 22, 2005
All about coroutines in C.

Print Hex and Bits in C

June 21, 2005
Print the hex and binary representation of memory in C.

Example Makefile for Static Library 11

January 11, 2005
A custom makefile for a static library.

Simple STL String Tokenizer Function 12

January 10, 2005

Generic STL Type Conversion

January 10, 2005
Using stringstream to convert between types.

Convert to STL String 1

January 10, 2005
How to use ostringstream to take advantage of conversion to a std::string.

How to Check a User Password on Linux 3

July 18, 2004
This example code will check a user password to see if is the correct password for a given user.

Getting Started with Automake and Autoconf 1

July 15, 2004
An introduction to knowing what you need to know to help you configure and compile a project or library with the GNU auto* tools.

Getting Started With CVS

July 9, 2004
Some tips and tricks to setting up CVS and making efficient use of it.